Typical Services/Project Types


Roadway and Transportation Improvements

The design of new and expanded street improvements, together with the evaluation, rehabilitation and repair of existing roadway infrastructure requires more than simply the accommodation of motor vehicles. Bicycle and pedestrian considerations including disabled access, have become necessary elements for successful projects. Green technology, including materials reuse and low-impact drainage improvements now play an increasingly important role in project development.




Pavement Maintenance and Repair

Public agencies are tasked with the cost-effective maintenance of current pavement infrastructure in a classic “pay now for maintenance or pay much more later for reconstruction” scenario. For over a decade, Plateau has worked with the City of Flagstaff and Northern Arizona University to develop the reliable and durable maintenance techniques to increase the longevity of roadways and parking lots. In every project, we seize the opportunity to bring adjacent ways into ADA compliance and improve the flow of vehicular and pedestrian traffic.




Parks and Recreation Facilities

The Plateau team has worked with many Northern Arizona clients on park projects since the mid 1990’s.  We work hand in hand with owners to design and/or revitalize community parks in a way that makes the park sustainable, low maintenance, and usable to multiple age groups and community organizations.









Drainage and Stormwater

From hydrologic and hydraulic analysis and master planning to completed improvements, Plateau has the proven ability to develop engineering alternatives as well as final design of drainage structures and facilities. Plateau has worked closely with the Coconino County Flood Control District in the design of the Brandis-Thames corridor improvements, a part of the Shultz Emergency Watershed Protection response to the 2010 Shultz fire.






Site and Land Development

Site Development is not necessarily limited to design of necessary grading, drainage, utilities and site improvements. It also often requires detailed knowledge of the development process unique to the various cities and reviewing agencies, together with the ability to work with all stakeholders as required for a successful completed project.



Utilities Planning and Design

Plateau’s projects range from small-system utilities master planning to final design and permitting of multi-million dollar infrastructure projects. This work includes design and equipping of water supply wells, storage reservoirs, booster stations, and transmission and distribution pipelines. Wastewater design includes sewage collection systems, lift stations, and force mains. Plateau has provided full state of the art surface water treatment, and water reclamation plant design services through the use of internationally recognized subconsultants.





Construction Administration and Observation

Plateau can provide full observation, construction documentation and administration services for firm-designed or projects designed by others.



Native Lands

Plateau has successfully performed over 250 separate assignments on Native American lands. Clients include Tribal governments and enterprises, school districts and other government agencies, as well as private individuals. The Plateau team has several key Native American members, and is sensitive to issues of Tribal sovereignty and jurisdiction.










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